Stockholm Hair Cuts & Back in the Studio

Last week we flew to Stockholm to do an intimate acoustic show for the ingeniously named "I Like Radio" and I managed to get a much needed haircut from Rob's hairdresser du jour, Davide, a task he managed with minimum fuss! Earlier in the week I spent two days with John Buckley who has recently signed to Capitol Records. We wrote two songs together in two different moods; the first one introspective, slow and moody, and the second one upbeat and sunny. He has rich tone to his voice and an instinctive intelligence that should get him a long way.

Today I am re-recording one of Rob and my old songs in a new arrangement, working with the hugely talented Owen Parker, and for the rest of the week we are rehearsing for the upcoming Troxy show. We are all excited about this show as we are playing some new songs for the first time.

Stay tuned!