And Another!

This one is from Claire Swallows at the Leceister Evening News:

Marching soldiers, revolutionary choirs, balletic brass and Hungarian cimbalom, the exotic soundworld of Party LIke A Russian perfectly accompanies/Robbie's satire on all things oligarch. Which other contemporary popstar would describe himself as a "modern Rasputin" or would have the audacity to say he has "a bank inside a car inside a plane inside a boat'? A matryoshka doll of Bond villain like proportions. Mr Williams invites us to Party like a Russian, and indeed this rhetorical question is the "end of discussion". Rather imaginatively he wants to "put a doll inside a doll' a challenge for any man, be it a wannabe Oligarch or indeed an ex boy band member from Stoke.

The chorus melody has the ultimate ear worn, and is more catchy than Zika.